Benefits of physiotherapy in aged care

Aged care workers support older adults living out in the community and elderly nursing home residents. They provide an essential service for elderly patients with the aim of increasing their independence and ability to perform tasks involved with daily living. This includes providing assistance with personal care, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, and helping the older adult engage in social activities both in the community and around the home. There is a growing demand for the physiotherapy provision in the aged care sector across nursing homes internationally. Aged care physiotherapy can help elderly people to participate in physical activity, provide rehabilitation services, falls prevention, and balance training, and improve physical function and muscle strength. In Australia, many practicing physiotherapists are represented under the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

This blog will outline aged care physiotherapy services and health benefits

  • Aged care physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy to improve well being
  • AHP Aged Care allied health services

Aged care physiotherapy

Condition management

It is important to maintain a high level of physical activity as we continue to age. A decrease in regular physical activity can contribute to a range of health problems and limit an individual’s functional ability, as well as reduce their quality of life. Many people with health conditions such as dementia, will not engage in enough physical activity or exercise. In nursing homes, physiotherapists can develop full treatment, preventative, and rehabilitative plans for residents with long-term or terminal impairments.

Health benefits for physiotherapy include:

  • Improve or slow the decline in physical performance
  • Reduce decline in functional ability
  • Aid mobility
  • Improve muscle strength, balance, and control
  • Manage behaviour and psychological concerns
  • Improve and prevent cognitive impairment
  • Increase quality of life

Fall prevention

Fall prevention is an important part of improving the quality of life for older Australians. As we age, we become higher risk to dangers such as falls. Sustaining a fall can cause an individual to experience a loss of confidence, an increase in anxiety, feelings of reduced independence, and in some cases result in serious injury. Exercises that target strength and balance have proven to be effective at reducing fall rates.

Physiotherapists are at the forefront of preventing falls in elderly patients. A qualified physiotherapist can perform an assessment to examine risk factors that are intrinsic (e.g., balance, strength, cognition, vision) and extrinsic (footwear, walking aids, environmental hazards) for each individual case. After conducting a fall assessment, your physiotherapist can deliver specific exercises tailored to your unique circumstances that involve walking, strengthening, and balance components.

Pain management

Physiotherapists can provide a range of treatments to address acute and chronic pain including physical exercise, equipment prescription (walking aid), and manual techniques such as stretching and massage. Residential care facilities often have pain management clinicians who specialise in the establishment and delivery of pain management programs designed for supporting older Australians. Through restorative care principles, physiotherapists can utilise pain management programs to empower older adults with the knowledge and skills to self-manage their pain, including strategies such as goal setting, monitoring, and pacing.

Physiotherapy to improve well being

Individually tailored physical training

Exercise is the key to a healthy life, and our accomplished physiotherapists believe in supporting you to live an active lifestyle. We offer extensive support with mobility, strengthening, and pain management programs to address or prevent disease and injury. Our experienced clinicians can use a range of treatments to help you reach your specific goal or provide preventative measures to keep you fit and full of life.

We provide client-centred physiotherapy across a wide range of services including:

  • Exercise classes: our classes target functional ability through strength and balance training that improves mobility, increases confidence, and promotes staying physically active.
  • Falls prevention programs tailored to your specific needs.
  • Resident mobility assessments: accurate, timely assessments and post-fall reviews.
  • Rehabilitation programs: clinical expertise in post-surgery and post-CVA rehabilitation and assistive mobility equipment.
  • Manual handling training: education and assessment for all staff members.
  • Community and home care physiotherapy: a full range of physiotherapy services for elderly people, including individual and group programs.

AHP Aged Care allied health services

AHP provide physiotherapists, podiatrists, occupational therapists, dietitians, speech pathologists, and allied health assistants to residential aged care facilities. Members of AHP’s multidisciplinary team are available on a permanent or casual basis.

Our allied health clinicians ensure they continuously deliver evidence-based practice to achieve optimal clinical care provision. AHP has developed an extensive plan under AN-ACC with an aim to improve resident quality of life, function, and abilities through restorative and reablement focused care and wellness prioritisation.

Through the delivery of consistent and dependable service, residents of our clients are much happier and healthier. Our goal is to truly make a difference in the lives of the older population, which makes AHP Aged Care a provider of choice.

Interested in our allied health services?

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