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Welcome to Australian Health Professionals (AHP), where we pride ourselves on providing exceptional recruitment solutions for the healthcare industry. We understand that the healthcare industry is constantly evolving and that finding the right talent can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That’s why we’re here to help. At AHP, we have a team of experienced and dedicated recruitment professionals who specialise in healthcare. We work closely with healthcare organisations of all sizes and specialties, from private hospitals to community health centres, to ensure that they have access to the best talent available.

We understand that finding the right candidate for a healthcare role is not just about matching skills and experience with job requirements. It’s about finding someone who has the right attitude, work ethic, and values to fit in with the organisation’s culture and ethos. That’s why we take a personalised approach to recruitment, taking the time to understand each organisation’s unique needs and requirements. Our recruitment process is thorough and rigorous, ensuring that every candidate we present to our clients has been fully vetted and assessed for suitability. We have a large pool of talented healthcare professionals on our database who are actively seeking new opportunities. Additionally, our health professionals group collaborates closely to stay updated on industry trends and best practices, ensuring that we provide our clients with the most qualified and suitable candidates for their healthcare roles.

Clinical Coverage You Trust

With the growing number of workers experiencing mental health challenges, more companies are beginning to utilise the services of third-party EAP providers to invest in the wellbeing of their staff and to support their leadership teams in navigating these sensitive and complex topics. Upon identifying this risk to the welfare of staff, AHP were quick to implement the use of third-party providers, partnering with LYSN, a leading provider in EAP support. With LYSN, AHP employees have access to critical mental health support staff.  

“Delivering superior healthcare to the Australian community is both a professional and personal goal.”

Simon Thomas – CEO Australian Health Professionals.

UpHOlding LeGislation, Standards, & Codes of Conduct

Strong Educational Growth

With a dedicated training and development team, we offer ongoing learning opportunities to all of our staff members, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles.


Giving back to the community.

We believe that the success of the healthcare industry is deeply tied to the strength of the communities it serves. We recognise the pivotal role healthcare professionals play in their local areas and are committed to giving back. Our support extends to local healthcare events and initiatives, as well as facilitating volunteering opportunities for healthcare professionals to make a positive impact. At an organisational level, we work to actively support aged care facilities and not-for-profits through various service programs, extending our help beyond traditional community boundaries. We take pride in being an integral part of the Australian healthcare sector and remain dedicated to contributing to its ongoing prosperity. By fostering collaboration, we can forge a more robust and dynamic healthcare industry that benefits everyone.

Creating culture from office to onsite.

We pride ourselves on the growth culture that underpins everything we do. Our commitment to providing the best services is driven by a shared passion for excellence, supported by everyone from our CEO to our newest team members. We believe in fostering a learning and support-focused culture that empowers our team members to grow their skills and experience. Through regular career development opportunities, we help our team members unlock their full potential and achieve their professional goals. We know that by investing in our team, we are investing in the future of our company and the healthcare industry as a whole.

ISO 9001 Certification

Our medical recruitment division, AHP Medical, stands proudly a an ISO 9001 certified organisation, ensuring that our processes and practices adhere to internationally recognised quality management standards. This certification reflects our commitment to consistently deliver high-quality services.

Rural Strategic Plan

As part of our strategic plan for rural areas, we have implemented a comprehensive approach to addressing staffing challenges. This includes investing in sponsorships, international recruitment initiatives, and financial resources to overcome the hurdles associated with staffing remote regions.

Extensive Clinical Support

Our leadership team includes clinicians who provide valuable clinical support, ensuring our operations align with industry standards. Additionally, our head office offers dedicated administrative support, ensuring efficient coordination and management across our organisation.

Navigate Your NDIS Plan

AHP is dedicated to providing comprehensive and tailored support to individuals with complex care needs. 

Our team has an extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise in navigating the NDIS, utilising best practices, and maximising funding to help our participants achieve their goals and live their best lives. 

Down syndrome woman standing over wall happy face smiling with crossed arms looking at the camera. Positive person.

Value to our people and the community.

Putting people first: Our values of compassion, respect, and responsibility.


At our healthcare recruitment company, we believe that accountability is the foundation of great service. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions and are transparent in our communication with our clients, candidates, and partners. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting our clients' staffing needs, and we continuously strive to exceed their expectations by providing exceptional service.


Honesty is a core value at our healthcare recruitment company. We believe that being transparent and truthful in all our interactions is essential for building trust with our clients, candidates, and partners. We approach every relationship with integrity and honesty, and we value open and candid communication. We believe that honesty is the cornerstone of strong, long-lasting relationships.


We are driven by a strong sense of purpose, are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our clients, candidates, and partners, and believe that our work has a meaningful purpose. We are also passionate about helping healthcare organisations and service providers deliver exceptional care. We are dedicated to matching the right people with the right roles, and we take pride in supporting our clients' success.


We take responsibility for our role in the healthcare industry and understand that the work we do has a significant impact on people's lives. We are committed to partnering with healthcare organisations who share our values and are dedicated to providing high-quality care. We believe that our responsibility extends beyond staffing solutions, and actively seek out ways to support our clients in achieving their goals.

Recruitment agencies provide recruitment services by matching interested job seekers skills and qualifications with suitable job openings, conducting screenings and interviews to identify qualified candidates, and providing industry knowledge and guidance throughout the hiring process and getting the right job. A recruitment agency like AHP acts as an intermediary between job seekers and employers, helping to streamline the recruitment process and increase the chances of a successful match for the right person.

AHP can help you. Browse our job listings and contact our supportive recruitment consultants today to make your next career move.

Your healthcare resume or CV should include your contact information, a summary of your qualifications and experience, details of your education and certifications, relevant skills, and a comprehensive list of your professional experience, including job titles, responsibilities, and achievements. It’s also helpful to tailor your CV to highlight skills and experiences that align with the specific healthcare job you’re applying for.

Midwifery is a specialised branch of healthcare focused on providing care and support to women throughout the childbirth process, including pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Midwives play a key role in promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby, providing personalised and holistic care that encompasses physical, emotional, and educational aspects of childbirth.

The healthcare job market throughout Australia is generally robust and offers promising opportunities to passionate healthcare professionals. The demand for healthcare professionals, such as doctors, registered nurses, allied health practitioners, dentists, and support staff, remains high due to factors such as an aging population, advancements in medical technology, and increasing healthcare needs. Australia has well-regulated healthcare systems, public and private healthcare facilities, and a strong emphasis on quality healthcare services, making it an attractive destination for professional in the healthcare sector seeking employment and achieving their career goals.

Allied health refers to a broad category of healthcare professions and services that are distinct from medicine, dentistry, and nursing. Allied health professionals work collaboratively with other healthcare providers to deliver diagnostic, therapeutic, and support services. They encompass a diverse range of specialties in the health sector such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, radiography, nutrition, and more, playing a crucial role in patient care and rehabilitation.

Health service managers encounter various challenges in the dynamic healthcare landscape. Some common issues include managing rising healthcare costs, implementing and complying with changing regulations, addressing staff shortages, and adopting new technologies to improve patient care. Additionally, they may face challenges related to data security and privacy concerns in the digital age. Australian Health Professionals’ healthcare consulting services offer expert guidance and solutions to address these challenges and drive your healthcare organization’s success.

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“Join our team of like-minded clinicians and leaders who will encourage and support you to be the best podiatrist that you can be.”

David Lamb - head of Podiatry

“I am privileged to now have the opportunity to build the next generation of aged care nursing professionals through our new-graduate program and educational opportunities.”

Desiree Robinson - Head of Nursing

“We have a great nework with in our team, and have recruitment consultants with more than a decade experience in the medical field.”

Steve Harris - Director AHP Medical

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